Direct sale of local products

QUINTORNO is a showcase of producers and producers of the territory of local, typical and seasonal products, located in Monte Carasso.

Managed by the Magno Association, it is part of a regional development project that aims to enhance the places, products and activities of territorial verticality.

Thanks to the collaboration of local producers, QUINTORNO brings together the best eno-gastronomic expressions of the territory in a single showcase, with direct passage from producer to consumer according to the logic of the short chain.

QUINTORNO intends to enhance not only the product, but also the producer and the territory from which it is born: not just a shop, therefore, but a cultural center that catalyses eno-gastronomic, tourist, landscape, historical, artisan and other kinds of proposals.

Among the QUINTORNO shelves:

white, red, rosé, sparkling and sweet wines
beer and spirits
cheeses and dairy products
salami and meat
honey and derivatives
fruits and vegetables
flour and pasta
chestnuts and derivatives
sweet and savory preserves
bread and pastry
fruit juices, syrups, gasses and herbal teas
cooked and ready-to-eat foods
and much more

We are open at the following times:

From Monday to Friday

8.30am - 12.00am and 4.00pm - 7.00pm


9.00am - 5.00pm

Via El Stradun 35, 6513 Monte Carasso

+41 (0)91 825 90 30